Golden Eagle looking around. A majestic golden eagle takes in its surroundings from its spot amongst moorland vegetation.
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Mull Wildlife on Mull the Avian Life on the Isle of Mull Scotland

Bird Life on the Isle of Mull

Avian Diversity
Mullbirds offers a haven for bird enthusiasts, showcasing the avian splendour of Mull and its surrounding islands. From captivating photo galleries to the latest sightings, information on prime birdwatching spots, and detailed species lists, the platform caters to a wide array of interests.

Golden Eagle Perching on a tree branch Isle of Mull

Birds of Prey
Renowned for its robust raptor populations, Mull boasts significant numbers of buzzards, hen harriers, short-eared owls, golden eagles, and white-tailed eagles. Particularly noteworthy is the successful reintroduction of white-tailed eagles, with Mull hosting the highest nesting density of these majestic birds in Britain. Other notable breeding birds of prey include sparrowhawks, kestrels, peregrine falcons, and more.

Mull Wildlife WildlifeonMull An eagle in flight on the Isle of Mull, showcasing its impressive wingspan and fierce gaze against a muted sky. Guided Mull Wildlife Tours on Isle of Mull

Shorebirds and Coastal Dwellers
The island teems with a diverse range of shorebirds, whether they’re year-round residents, summer visitors, migrants, or winter guests. From the elegant grey heron to the striking red-breasted merganser, Mull’s shores are bustling with avian activity throughout the year. Additionally, coastal waters are frequented by shag, cormorant, eider, and shelduck, enhancing the island’s rich birding experience.

Mull Wildlife WildlifeonMull A curlew exploring the rocky shoreline amidst seaweed at low tide on the Isle of Mull. Guided Mull Wildlife Tours on Isle of Mull

Springtime Delights
Spring heralds the arrival of breeding summer visitors, transforming the moorland into a lively hub of activity. Sand martins, house martins, and swallows grace the skies while cuckoos add their unique calls to the island’s chorus. Witnessing the aerial displays of snipe and woodcock becomes a spectacle, accompanied by the haunting calls of red-throated and black-throated divers.

Summer Sojourners
As summer unfolds, Mull’s coastline becomes a haven for seabirds. Puffins, guillemots, and razorbills gather in impressive numbers, while Manx shearwaters and terns grace the skies above. Gannets, drawn by abundant fish stocks, venture close to shore, offering enchanting views for birdwatchers.

Mull Wildlife WildlifeonMull A northern gannet perched on a rocky shoreline on the Isle of Mull, surveying the sea. Guided Mull Wildlife Tours on Isle of Mull

Iona’s Treasures
The neighbouring island of Iona is famed for its nesting corncrakes and vibrant finch populations. Meadows adorned with colourful flowers attract finches, while a unique rookery and occasional sightings of tree sparrows add to the island’s allure.

Mull Wildlife WildlifeonMull A solitary wheatear perched atop a moss-covered rock with a serene water body in the background, showcasing the enchanting Isle of Mull wildlife. Guided Mull Wildlife Tours on Isle of Mull

Woodland Wonders
Mull’s semi-natural deciduous woodlands harbor a plethora of avian life, including members of the tit family, treecreepers, and woodpeckers. Redstarts, pied flycatchers, and wood warblers grace the canopy, accompanied by the melodic songs of goldcrests and common crossbills.

Mull Wildlife WildlifeonMull A solitary gray cuckoo perched on a lichen-covered branch against a soft green background, observed during a Mull Wildlife Tours excursion. Guided Mull Wildlife Tours on Isle of Mull

Winter Visitors
Winter welcomes a different array of avian guests to Mull’s shores. Flocks of redwings, fieldfares, and the occasional waxwing descend upon the island, joined by swans, geese, and divers. Noteworthy winter visitors include glaucous gulls, enriching the island’s birding landscape.

Mull Wildlife WildlifeonMull A small bird with brown, white, and orange plumage standing next to a patch of upturned earth in a grassy field on the Isle of Mull, basking in the warm glow of sunlight Guided Mull Wildlife Tours on Isle of Mull

Rare Encounters
Mull offers the occasional sighting of uncommon visitors, including black storks, rose-coloured starlings, and hoopoes. Despite the absence or rarity of certain common British species like magpies and nuthatches, Mull’s avian diversity continues to captivate birdwatchers from near and far.

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