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Isle of Mull Flora and Fauna

Mull WildlifeonMull Flora and Fauna on the Island of Mull

Mull Flora and Fauna

The Isle of Mull boasts an impressive array of 5,280 species of flora and fauna, captivating both specialists and amateurs alike. As you explore the island, ample opportunities await for capturing stunning photographs of its wildlife. Along your journey, depending on the season, you’ll encounter breathtaking displays of primroses, blankets of thrift, thyme, and bluebells adorning road verges, while three types of heather adorn vast stretches of the landscape. (Remember, it’s important to refrain from picking wildflowers from their natural habitat, as it is considered an offence.)

From mid-May to July, the Isle of Mull showcases a splendid variety of orchids in full bloom, attracting enthusiasts and nature lovers. Among the orchids to behold are Fragrant Orchids, Northern Marsh Orchids, Common Spotted Orchids, Heath Spotted Orchids, Early Purple Orchids, Greater and Lesser Butterfly Orchids, and more.

Among the plethora of wild orchids on Mull, the Narrow-leaved Helleborine stands out as an early bloomer, once rare but now flourishing abundantly in the Calgary ‘Art in Nature’ woodland walk. Similarly, the Heath Spotted Orchid thrives across the moors and boggy terrains of Mull.

The island treats visitors to enchanting scenes of primroses, thrift, thyme, and bluebells gracing road verges, while vast expanses are adorned with three varieties of heather. Bluebells, particularly, adorn shaded woodlands and open banks with their profuse blooms

The profusion of Birds Foot Trefoil serves as sustenance for the larvae of the common Blue Butterfly, while Couch grass, Thistles, and Nettles cater to those of the Peacock and Painted Lady Butterfly. Additionally, the short season of warm, moist conditions prevalent in summer welcomes abundant sightings of Dragonflies and Damselflies.

Bluebells continue to enchant in shaded woodlands and open banks, while the insect-eating Common Butterwort, also known as Bog Violet, displays its delicate violet-like flowers on the edges of bogs..

Flag Iris and Bogbean thrive in ponds, along loch edges, and in the wetter regions of Mull. Mountain Everlasting dots dry pastures and mountain slopes, often found alongside Milkwort and Tormentil, while carpets of rose-pink, honey-scented Thrift, or Sea Pink, adorn the shores and cliffs, adding splashes of colour and beauty to the landscape.

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